Cloud Computing

The phrase "cloud" is an image-based Internet network that graphically depict the flow charts Network (Computer network diagram.) Cloud data in the business logic of computer systems and servers and data centers operated remote end units. As a result there is no need to purchase and manage users and computing resources instead to hire her as a service to provide computing power line who will be accessed remotely via the Internet.

This property allows to avoid large expenditures on equipment and infrastructure software and the need to manage them. Cloud computing allows users to control and regulation of the computing power required, so the load times can be rented higher computing power and decrease the relaxation times of the expenditure. In some implementations of the concept also spared the need to develop or run applications.

User cloud computing may be a large organization, medium or small organization or an individual. Supplier is usually a large company, which developed the appropriate infrastructure and provides services to a large number of users. User services provider via the Internet without having to know the technological environment in which these services unrealized.

The vision of cloud computing is to allow users to connect to all computing services they need through the Internet, in a similar manner to connect to the electric grid. Although the term usually refers to cloud computing centers and third-party users also have the term "internal cloud," a concept that relates to services provided within the same organization, but different physical sites.