Customers' Testimonials:

" Our network requires critical up time and ability to handle very large traffic round the clock. We have
tried many large hosting providers and never really had what we need in terms of support and uptime level.
When we have found years back about ClubVPS, We clearly said that this would be our final stop. Today with a good amount of
servers in your network, We can't be more satisfied, You are a true leader in hosting market, at least in our terms :)
satisfied customer! "

Avi Laviad, CTO, USAGC.ORG

How to compare between a Virtual Private Server or Cloud Computing service providers?

This answer will give you more information on our servers infrastructure and what makes the big difference between our "Virtual Dedicated Server" and other "Virtual Private Server" or "Cloud Computing" providers.

At the hardware level:

Our entire system infrastructure is manufactured by Tier-1 vendor, as we are unwilling to compromise on the quality of our hardware. It has been proven that top manufacturer's hardware is the most reliable hardware available. Moreover, all our servers have at least N+1 power supply, hard drives, processor and RAM. If any of these components fails, the system won't crash and your server and application will continue to run.

Storage / Hard drives:
Our storage system is based on SSD hard drives (not SATA) and configured in a Cluster of RAID Disk Array configuration. This array configuration will allow your server to run any production application such as SQL, Oracle, Exchange and other high I/O consuming application.

All our servers are based on the latest Intel Server Xeon Processors running E5 2600v2 Series, which are the fastest processors available on the market today .

This means that each 2.666Ghz of CPU power that we provide, produces overall system speed that is at least 30 percent faster than that of other providers.

Dedicated resources:
The most effective parameter you need to consider is the resources we allocate to your server. What sets us apart from most other providers is our 100% guarantee that the resources we allocate are dedicated to you. This means that if you order dual-core processor power for example, it will be entirely dedicated for your use at all times, and you won't be sharing it with others, and the same goes for RAM and storage resources.

Our servers also operate as dedicated servers at the operating system level. You can install any operating system, and connect with RDP or SSH directly to the server, or even partition or format the hard drive. 

Custom Resources:
The ClubVPS server configuration and order form allows you to choose the exact configuration you need, while most providers force you to choose one of their preconfigured packages, which often include features that you don't really need, and therefore waste money on features you don't use.

To sum it up, here are few questions you need to ask yourself before you compare our system with other service providers: What processors their system is running on? What storage system do they use? Is it SAS or SATA? What is the storage system speed? Who manufacture's the server's hardware? What servers' components are redundant? Power supply? CPU? Hard drives? Can I upgrade/customize any parameter of the server? What virtualization operating system are they running on? Our sales and technical support are will gladly answer any of your questions.

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Why should I prefer a VDS in the cloud over a physical dedicated server?

Our virtual servers enjoy the richest, strongest hardware in the industry, similar to those of large organizations,

Renting a dedicated server typically costs $100-200 a month. Alternatively, you can purchase a server for approx. $1000-2000.

For this price you get a machine with the following specifications:

1. Entry-level single power supply unit.
2. SATA hard disks, which were designed for standard workstations and not for servers
3. RAM without error correction control indicators
4. Processors designed for standard workstations
5. Other light-duty hardware component.

Our virtual servers are built for intensive work, and designed for the highest performance standards and maximum survivability. All servers are manufactured by Dell, currently the world leader in servers manufacture, and have undergone intensive testing and quality control. All of the servers are based on the following specification:

1. At least two power supply sources, fed by two separate electrical systems.
2. SAS/SCSI hard drives designed for use with servers only.
3. ECCRam, which includes self check error control.
4. Intel multi-core Xeon processors.

These specifications guarantee that your application will be available 100% of the time and won’t suffer system failures of any kind. In addition, you will receive the type of high performance formerly available only to the largest international organizations.

In conclusion, renting a virtual dedicated server will provide you with the performance, reliability, survivability and flexibility of servers that are typically used by the largest organizations, at the price of a low-cost dedicated server.

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Can I upgrade my server?

You can change any parameter of your server at all times, in any desired way (upgrade or downgrade). Simply contact our sales representatives, and they will activate your new configuration within a few minutes.

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Do you charge any setup fee?

We do not charge any setup fee, setup is absolutely free.

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How much bandwidth traffic do I need?

ClubVPS provide outgoing traffic packages included with each server, Traffic packages starts with 5000GB/month traffic which is more then enough for most applications, your server will be able to use unlimited traffic and you will be charged for extra bandwidth usage when it exceeds based on our price list.

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What are CPU Cores?

Each server machine has a Central Processing Unit (CPU) which executes all server commands.

ClubVPS can provide your server with up to 20 CPU cores working simultaneously to accelerate your server's performance.

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What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting is a support service for your server's operating system; this includes solving issues related to the server's operating system, web service, E-Mail, DNS, firewall, Active Directory, software updates, etc.

If you don't have a system administrator that can provide you with these services, this option is highly recommended.

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