Customers' Testimonials:

" We have been looking for a good hosting provider and found your company. Since we have
joined your family... we never looked back. Finally we could experience hassle free, professional
hosting service to cover all our needs in Israel and world wide. Your network is simply awesome! "

Gassan Shalabi, IT Manager, Mano Maritime

ClubVPS was founded and established in 1999 providing a reliable, professional, and world class network and computing infrastructure services to accommodate websites, business applications, and other rich media content. Serving tens of thousands of customers, hundreds of thousands of websites and millions of users worldwide.

ClubVPS specializes in cloud infrastructure services (IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service) based on Cloud Servers (aka. VPS, Virtual Machine or Instance), Virtual Private Cloud, Hard Disk Storage, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Firewall and other products and services to provide a one stop shop for our customer's computing infrastructure needs.

ClubVPS expanded its business overseas and established localized 13 data centers that is adopted to the domestic needs of our customers in North America (Toront, New York, Texas, California), Europe (Amsterdam, London,Frankfurt), Asia (Hong Kong) and the Middle East (Israel (5)).

We make sure to provide you with first class service not only from the technical and support aspects, but also with our human relations aspect, that sets us apart from the rest of the competition, a personal service that is parallel to none. Our experienced and professional support team is equipped to help at anytime and resolve any issue for each of our customers, small or big alike. 

Our security system is our pride, and we keep it at the highest level possible. All data centers are protected by biometric scanning protocol, 24/7 interior and exterior surveillance, and on premises constant monitoring. We make sure to employ only staff that is qualified and passed our high standards of background check before hiring. The only authorized personal permitted inside the premises are employees or prior authorized visitors that are being escorted by our staff member.