Customers' Testimonials:

" Thank you for all the help and support you have given us even when it was not your call of duty, we have found you and your company to be the most attentive and sensitive to all our needs when it was needed.
Thanks a bunch. … "

Dana Koll, Interactive Manager , Unilever

ClubVPS pride is on its first class Customer Service, from the first moment you call our customer service we will follow you throughout your interaction with ClubVPS.

If you are a large or small business, an existing client or a potential customer, we will treat you with the most attention, and dedicate all the resources needed to satisfy your computing needs.

ClubVPS is confident you will not leave without a solution to fit your requirements, and for that reason alone our service policy does not bind you to long-term contracts. Instead, we offer short-term contracts which are renewed on a monthly basis, and can be cancelled within 30 days of a written notification. Please read our TOS, AUP, and SLA agreements for more information.

ClubVPS Customer Service is servicing individuals and businesses from many countries around the world at any moment. ClubVPS is a host to thousands of contented customers, from Web forum reviews or word of mouth, our level and expertise do not go un-noticed. While we have new clients signing up each day, the level of referral is tremendous. Clients, who migrate over to ClubVPS, tend to stay with us.

Our Managed Hosting Services provides a full scalability and full control over your Dedicated Server, and our experienced support team will manage your needs and provide full support to accommodate every aspect of your computing demands, large or small alike.

Our tech support expertise always is ready to assist you either via phone, live chat, or call tickets and E-mails, and at all times. Unlike other forms of 24/7 support services you hear about, thanks to our different data and support centers locations we are able to provide you with a true round the clock support as a result of time zone advantages.

At ClubVPS we are aware of the fact there are other hosting providers you can choose from, but we also familiar with the competition, so we always try harder to give you, the customer, the best service we can, and provide you with the fastest response time, the best experts in the business coupled with state of the art equipment and technology.

ClubVPS guarantees the customer satisfaction with our Money Back policy, and without a long term contract commitment, it is the customer decision to stay with us, not ours!