Customers' Testimonials:

" We truly appreciate your round the clock service and support, anytime we need your help.  So many hours your crew given us to help us understand everything and helping us implement our systems online until we been up and running perfectly. That's type of service is simply unbelievable! Thanks "

Ofir Fishler, VP of Internet Marketing, Flying Carpet

 ClubVPS operates across 17 global data centers located in:

  • North America: United States, New York, New York
  • North America: United States, Texas, Dallas
  • North America: United States, California, Santa Clara
  • North America: United States, Florida, Miami
  • North America: United States, Illinois, Chicago
  • North America: Canada, Toronto
  • Europe: The Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Europe: Germany, Frankfurt
  • Europe: United Kingdom, London
  • Europe: Italy, Milan
  • Europe: Spain, Madrid
  • Asia: Hong Kong
  • Middle East: Israel, Petach Tikva
  • Middle East: Israel, Rosh Haayin
  • Middle East: Israel, Rosh Haayin (2)
  • Middle East: Israel, Tel Aviv
  • Middle East: Israel, Haifa

Our data centers are chosen for their cutting edge technology and internationally recognized facilities which spread over tens of thousands of square meters. The following characteristics help them operate to the highest global standards:


  • AICPA - SOC 2 - TYPE II compliant or better data center
  • Maintained under a fully climate controlled environment, to keep temperature and humidity at optimal levels for electronic equipment
  • Ergonomically designed for quick and easy access of technicians, including wide aisles, raised floors, excellent lighting and underfloor cabling
  • High level security including multi-stage physical access control into and through the building, CCTV, security personnel, monitoring sensors and alarms
  • Infrastructure redundancy including power supplies, cooling systems and alarms
  • Electronic monitoring of all device failures
  • Continuous upgrading of equipment to ensure reliability and performance - every item is replaced after 3 years in service
  • Advanced building structure to provide resilience against earthquakes

Speed Test

Listed below are our data centers, with a hostname you can ping to in each location and a URL to download a 100MB of ZIP file to test download speed.

Location Ping Hostname Download Speed Test URL
North America, New York

Test Speed 
North America, Dallas Test Speed
North America, Santa Clara Test Speed
North America, Toronto Test Speed
Europe, Amsterdam Test Speed
Europe, London Test Speed
Europe, Frankfurt  Test Speed
Asia, Hong Kong Test Speed
Israel, Rosh Haayin Test Speed
Israel, Rosh Haayin 2 Test Speed
Israel, Tel Aviv Test Speed
Israel, Petah Tikva Test Speed
Israel, Haifa Test Speed


Note: Routing and latency between your location and the data centers changes frequently and ping or file download are not necessarily the best ways to test download speed. If you are not satisfied with the results, we strongly encourage emailing us a trace route at and we will provide a detailed response.

For more information, please contact us at